Our {Dream} Weddings: Part 1

Before we embark on this magical journey, let's set the record straight. Kim and I are not desperate freaks pining to get married and beating down the doors of every jewellery store in Durban for the perfect ring. It's not like that. We just appreciate the wedding industry and the amount of work and stress a bride goes through in making her day extra special. To blog about weddings like we do, involves a lot of research, a lot of blog reading and a lot of Pinterest. We both come across so many ideas, dresses and stationery that make us 'ooh' and 'ahh' with delight. We love it. And we love seeing what everyday people come up with when they plan their weddings. 

So we thought we'd do something oh-so-very-fun (and difficult) and compile a list of what each of our perfect weddings would be like. With no budget constraints. With no out-of-season flowers, with no whiny bridesmaids, and with a groom that has a credit card with a balance equivalent to the GDP of China (kid in a candy store anyone?). And boy was it hard - Kim and I spent weeks putting together these images. Not because we were busy and had no time, but because we had at least 6 options of each...HOW to narrow it down? At this rate, we'll have to get married at least four times for each the styles we love! So without further explanations, scroll away and find out what trends, looks and styles we are absolutely loving right now. 

Filipa: I've always been a fan of a rounded square cut ring. Ever since I tried a similar one on at a jewellery store (I was 19 and mucking around at a second hand jewellery store with my dad), I've had my heart set on a ring in this style. I think it's jaw dropping and I love the very subtle hint of colour. 
Kim: I love rings with one large solitaire diamond and small diamond detailing around it, to the point that it looks embossed rather than diamonds. (Does that make sense to anyone?) There are so many rings I love, but one of my favourites is the vintage Edwardian rings - cushion cut diamond with a platinum band.

Filipa: I'm leaning more and more away from the vintage looks that are so popular to the more, classic, modern and simple looks for a wedding.  I love the use of a monogram and the simplicity of this suite is what really draws me in. 
Kim: Being a designer myself, I know what's out there and what can be done in terms of stationery. And that makes this choice the hardest for me! I like SO many different styles so I'm still very unsure of what design style I'd use for my own wedding. I've always been a huge fan of simple and effective typography and my heart flutters at calligraphy. So if I had to choose right now, I'd choose something like this. I like the fun wording in calligraphy, and I'd play with the choices of lovely paper I'd print on

Filipa: I really just wanted to leave this one out. Can't I decide on what to wear if or when that day comes along? There are just too many beautiful styles. I eventually settled on this one. My closest friends must be falling over backwards in their chairs. Filipa, in a poof dress, never! But there is just something so perfect about this dress that I can't escape from. I can picture myself feeling really beautiful and timeless in it. And it's my fantasy anyway, right? :)

Kim: I have forever dreamed of a dress with an open back, and one thing I know is that I do not want a boob tube. I am not a fan of meringue or poofy dresses, but I know I'd like something flowy. Obviously lace is the hottest wedding dress trend right now but I do genuinely love it. I like the idea of asymmetrical straps so that one strap has flowers on it or something.

Filipa: I've always liked the look of my hair in a half up / down style, so why change what works right? I adore the loose curls of this look.  I also incorporate some sort of headpiece / hair brooch thing. 
Kim: I've always preferred wearing my hair down, and even though I love the classic look of an up-style, I still think I'd wear my hair down on my wedding day. I like the look of a styled look at the back with hair coming in front of the one shoulder - I found it hard to find an exact picture of the style I have in my head though!

Filipa: I have no doubt in my mind that my dream bouquet would have to have flowers that look full; almost pregnant looking (is that weird?) , like they are bursting at the seams with magic and a sweet fragrance. So with that settled, I adore a white bouquet too. You don't get much more elegant than that! 
Kim: I was never sure about what type of bouquet I wanted, all I knew was that I'm not a huge fan of roses. That was until I saw photos of a local wedding a while back with a bride holding a bouquet of orchids - then and there, I knew that was exactly what I'd want! I absolutely adore orchids in a home too, they are contemporary and classy, and I love the way a trailing bouquet looks with a wedding dress.

Filipa: The wedding isn't just for me and I wouldn't be too partial to what my groom and his groomsmen wear. I am partial to grey though. But as long as the suit is tailored, and fits like a glove (this is a must), I really don't mind what he decides to wear. 
Kim: I've always loved grey suits for groomsmen, and the groom of course. There's just something so yummy about a boy in a charcoal coloured suit. I'm not a fan at all of coloured ties, so the tie would be neutral or black. And I love waistcoats!

Filipa: I want my girls to feel just as special and beautiful as I want to feel on my special day. I like the idea of them all matching in colour (or at least different shades of a colour) and I love the idea of long dresses. I know that I always feel automatically more beautiful in a long dress, and it's the perfect style to hide away any lumps and bumps. I also think long dresses suit all body types the best! 
Kim: I love a soft, neutral vibe for bridesmaids dresses. I love more neutral colours in general so its no surprise I'm attracted to this type of palette for my own wedding. If you saw my bedroom you'd understand! It is practically all white with hints of grey. There's something about bright/dark colours against a white wedding dress that I just don't like, so I would go for a beige, cream, off white or even gold colour for bridesmaids. I don't want all the dresses to be the same and being matchy-matchy - I like the vibe of the dresses suiting each girl's body type so that they all look beautiful in their own respect, but I do like the use of the same material.

That rounds off part 1 of our big fat dream weddings. Next Friday we'll be rounding it off with a look at our favourite types of venues, table decor, cake and so much more! 

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