It's Ruby's 1st Birthday!!

Last year on the 9th of January, we started our blog, Ruby & the Swallow Design Collective. So that means today is our FIRST birthday, which coincides so perfectly with the start of 2013!! We are so proud of ourselves for making it a year, and the time has really gone so fast. We dedicated so much of our time last year to this amazing thing that we created - and it really paid off!

In our first ever post, we told you what you could expect from the Ruby blog...and we really hope that all our readers have enjoyed what we blogged about in 2012. 

Some of our highlights of the past year:
- Meeting an incredible number of wedding vendors through the blog, including photographers, make-up artists, and videographers.

- The number of people that reached out to us (who we have never met before) to tell us that they love the blog! No words can describe how happy you made our hearts with all your amazing support - thank you. And it was nice to know it wasn't just our family and friends reading our blog :)

- We received SO many stationery design (and even website) requests after starting Ruby last year; the blog helped us start our own little business, and we took on a great number of clients last year. It has been as fun as it was difficult at times, and we loved every minute of making many couples' wedding dreams come true.

- Giveaways: thank you to each and every vendor/business who asked to do free giveaways on our blog. They were a great success most of the time, and we loved not only making our readers happy, but providing exposure for you.

So, Ruby readers, we would love ANY advice or recommendations from you!! Tell us what you liked, loved, didn't like, wanted more of, wanted less of - you get the picture. 2013 is going to be a very different year from 2012 for us, but we'll let you know more about our plans in a little while. For now, any comments you have would be fantastic. Here's to an amazing second year of Ruby & the Swallow Design Collective! And please keep coming back for more :)

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