Baby Shower Invites: Adriana's Baby Blue Day!

We seem to be dealing with a lot of babies lately! Our good friends Shan and Nic said hello to little Matthew on the 7th of September (we featured Shan's baby shower awhile ago, see it here) and now my sister and brother-in-law Adriana and Jason (it's Fil here) are expecting their son to arrive in December! SO with lots of babies comes lots of investigation into the scary world of raising a little human. For me, as an Aunty to be, the madness began with planning my sister's baby shower and designing the invitation that would go along with it! 
My sister doesn't really want a theme per say at her shower, but rather a play on the ombre trend in various shades of blue. This suits me just fine because a) I love the ombre trend and b) its the perfect theme to pull off quite easily yourself with a few fun DIY's. I designed a simple ombre-inspired invitation with a little whale motif to add a little fun into it. These weren't printed, but rather emailed out - making them super budget friendly and convenient for guests.
When designing a baby shower invite, there are some important things you should think about to include: 
Wishlist or Registry Details: 
Guests often won't know what you may have bought already for the baby and so will need some guidance on what to purchase. It's great to have a registry listed on the invite, or alternatively, a simple wishlist. My sister compiled a wishlist of items for the baby and divided it into different categories (we're both a-type personalities like that). We thought this was a great solution as an alternative to a registry and gave the guests a little more freedom on what to buy. 
If you are going to list clothing on your wishlist, remember to workout how old your baby will be during the four seasons of the upcoming year. List this on your invite, so that your guests know what size and seasonal clothing will be appropriate for what age. 
This is your child and you have every right to be fussy about what kind of feeding bottles, travel kits and accessories you want for your child. Be specific to avoid dissapointment. Remember: your guests will only buy what they can afford, so put in the exspensive stuff but don't expect to get it all. 
Baby Nursery: 
It's always a great idea to give your guests an idea of what style or theme you are decorating the nursery in, so put in a little line about that too. You wouldn't want a plethora of brightly coloured linens and nursery accessories when you have a more neutral room in mind. 

There is never a set way about how a baby shower invite should be, so the above tips are merely a guideline and may only be relevent to some mom's to be. At the end of the day, a baby shower is a day set aside to celebrate the mom, give her advice and make her feel comforted in a time when she may be a little anxious about the little nugget growing inside of her! We have some exciting features lined up for the upcoming ombre baby shower including some really simple party DIYs, some fun mood boards and of course, a snaeak peak into the the day! So stay tuned and watch this space! 

Invite originally created for the personal use of the creator. Not to be replicated without prior permission.

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