A Blue Baby Shower for Baby Wooldridge

Hi everybody, Fil here! Remember this mood board, and these invites? After months of inter-province phone calls and planning, my sister Adriana's baby shower finally happened and all without a glitch (unless you count my shocking pictures - I really need to learn how to use my fancy camera properly!). My sister didn't want any sort of theme per say, but rather a play on the colour blue using the Ombre effect. We carried through the blue 'wave' pattern from her invites through onto the decor to play out this theme. 
 A really fun and easy DIY that we managed to get done in no time at all, were the hanging tissue paper pom poms. I had made a test on earlier at home, so I pretty much knew what to expect when we started making a lot of them. They didn't turn out as 'fluffy' as my pre-made ones, but in terms of my DIY track record, these rank up pretty high on the successful list. 
I had seen these animal table numbers quite some time ago and filed them in the back of my 'things-I-must-make-one-day' part of my brain. They turned out to be the perfect little accessory to the table - quirky and useful all at the same time. These are really super simple to make and my step-dad and Mom were so obliging as to do them before I had even arrived on the weekend. Simply use a large bladed knife to carve a slit into a plastic animals back (ouch). Then spray paint them in your desired colour. You may need to paint over them a few times if you're using a light colour. I've also seen glitter-covered animals - too cute. 
The rest of the ombre theme carried through nicely on the table with the assortment of crockery and printed items that we used. Simple streamers were cut into strips and laid across the table from dark to light blue and we had a wide selection of white and blue bowls, adding to the overall look of the table. We also made some coconut macaroons and put them in cute white bags with a thank you note for the guests. These were the same wedding favours that we had made for my sister's wedding, so accidentally, it was a nice homage to that special day. 
In total, the decor items of this shower cost no more than R200. All I really had to buy was the tissue paper, streamers, plastic animals, a roll of blue ribbon and spray paint. The rest of elements were designed by myself and printed on my mom's computer at home. Proof that you can do something special on a limited budget! 

All pictures property of Ruby and the Swallow. Not for sale or replication.

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